Procrastination Problems?

If we’re honest with ourselves, as entrepreneurs and business leaders especially, we can always find things to procrastinate doing.

Although procrastination is toxic, it isn’t the REAL issue!

It happens to just be a SYMPTOM of a greater issue. If we overlook the basic understanding of what triggers it, then we can easily fall into a cycle of mediocre progress (without ever knowing why).

I believe most procrastination is rooted in ONE core place.


Often times, overwhelm is linked with fear (which hides within it).

Here’s the thing, if you know where it comes from and what your personal triggers are, you can readily put steps in place to weaken that muscle.

Yes, procrastination is a muscle– the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

Here are a few quick tips to apply the next time you find yourself fighting against yourself to get the job done.

1) If you want to shrink back (or hide under the covers) when you look at the behemoth task in front of you, break that bad boy down! Determine what you can get done…TODAY. That’s it. Then do it again the next done until it’s done. That’s the only way to really get through it.  

2) Celebrate the baby steps! Don’t get discouraged if it’s not going as quickly as you desired. Give grace to yourself while pushing yourself to be better. Even small steps in the right direction make a big difference!

3) Have strong business systems in place to handle all of the aspects of your business: from building your pipeline to delegating tasks to develop a team etc. Proven systems are the bloodline to sustainability in any business.

At the end of the day, as entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers, there will always be those want-to-run-the-other-way kind of tasks that must get done!!

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